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Telephone counselling is rapidly growing in popularity and whilst some counsellors and therapists question the effectiveness of the therapeutic relationship when counselling is accessed in this way, I personally take the view that for some people it can be more effective by way of reducing the high anxiety levels that some clients experience in a more formal setting.

Telephone counselling can also provide the client with a degree of anonymity for discussing difficult and highly personal issues that may feel intimidating in a face-to-face session with a counsellor.

Whilst I fully acknowledge the importance and necessity of forming a good working relationship with a client, I feel that this is still achievable when the counsellor and client are not in the same room, or even on the same continent. I feel it is far more beneficial to the client to connect with the right therapist for their particular issue wherever that therapist may be in the world.

The use of feeling words and tonal expression allows both the counsellor and client to build an effective connection with one another.I work successfully and effectively with telephone-only clients on a regular basis, and feedback shows that clients who access counselling in this way have benefited as much as traditional face-to-face clients.

Telephone counselling works in the same way as traditional counseling, with an hour long appointment on a weekly basis, and is booked in exactly the same way via an email or phone call. The only significant difference is that telephone counselling is paid for in advance of the appointment so that funds have time to clear.

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