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*Today is World Suicide Prevention Day*

I have personally experienced a significant loss to suicide.

*Things I have learned in the intervening 10yrs*

Suicide is not a desire to die, it is a desire to end the overwhelming emotional pain experienced by a person. It is an intense belief that your world will never change so being rid of the pain will never happen. Suicide is a moment, a flash decision in a time of utter bleakness to be rid of the pain.. But it’s a permanent remedy…

What the person who dies by suicide doesn’t know, and I and many others do know is that it’s like a desperate game of pass the parcel. Pass the pain parcel, because from the day of my loss all of his pain was passed to me, his father, his family, and his friends.

And we carry that pain with us until we too die. This is not just my opinion, I have worked with many clients who have also experienced this complicated type of loss, and we all feel this.

What I want to say to anyone who finds themselves increasingly considering suicide as the solution to ending their pain is that there is always an answer, sometimes it’s hard to find it, you may need professional intervention to find it, but the answer is always there.. Always.

I understand that professional help isn’t always easy to access. But keep at it! Make enough noise until someone listens! Talk Talk Talk! Find someone who will listen to you. Ask Ask Ask! Ask for help! We all need it at some point in our lives. It is NOT a weakness, it shows extraordinary strength to recognise that you can’t always fix things yourself.

Suicide is a silent epidemic. It increasingly takes away our loved ones, our young people who are our future, or should be.

Don’t shy away from the word suicide, open a conversation if your worried about someone you love. You might just save their life and ovoid the parcel being passed to you… ????

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any queries you may have.