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My second client of the day entered the consulting room with a warm smile and said that they didn’t need to come anymore…

They then went on to share with me that coming for counselling had been life changing! This is a very big statement indeed, but counselling had given the client a different perspective and had reenforced lost values and returned confidence and self-esteem.

When my client had first accessed counselling they had been about to leave university and abandon their degree with only eight months to go. After only five weeks of counselling my client felt strong enough and enthusiastic enough to continue with their education and future life plan. Life changing indeed!

To quote my client,

Counselling has far exceeded my expectations. I have perspective. I’ve learned new life skills. I have a better relationship with my family, but above all I feel happy when I thought I’d never feel happy again. 

Counselling can be a powerfully positive experience when life has become difficult or problematic, and with the right counsellor and a strong empathetic, therapeutic relationship it is possible to address your issues and move on with your life.

I always feel privileged when a client entrusts me with the personal details of their lives, and fully acknowledge the personal strength shown by the client in doing so. Trust at the start of the counselling journey can strengthen the prospects of a positive outcome.

It always feels a little sad when a client is ready to end counseling, but the words “I don’t need to come anymore” are music to a counsellors ears.

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