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Childhood Sexual Abuse is currently to the forefront of media reporting, but it’s not a new epidemic it’s always been a part of our lives. 

I have worked extensively with the victims and survivors of Childhood sexual abuse and will say with confidence that we all know someone personally who was abused sexually as a child. This might seem like a shocking statement but unfortunately it’s true.

As a society we shy away from difficult subjects and this in turn helps to keep the abuse of children hidden in the shadows, but it’s there right under our noses.

The victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse are effectively silenced by the perpetrators using a variety of methods which include threats of violence to them and their families, threats of being taken away by authorities and never being able to return home again. The Perpatrator will terrorise the child enough to ensure certain silence thus remaining free to continue the abuse. 

Victims live their lives with deep feelings of guilt, low self-esteem, and often have mental health issues such as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). And DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). 

Talking therapy has been shown to be helpful, but should ideally be with a specialist therapist who understands the very complex emotions involved. 

Coming forward and talking about the abuse takes immense bravery and courage, but the relief of finally sharing this heavy burden with someone who truly understands is like being released from the darkness into the light. 

Part of my practice has been working extensively with adults both male and female who have experienced Childhood Sexual Abuse and Rape. I have the knowledge experience and expertise to work sensitively with any individual who feels the need to share what happened to them. 

Know that you are not alone, that you have the bravery to tell your story, and above all else, YOU ARE NOT TO BLAME  ❤️

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any queries you may have.